Installer support.

Switchee has been designed to ensure installation is as simple as possible. However, we also understand that every home is different and we are dedicated to ensuring that installers have all of the support they need.
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Installer instructions.

Before installing a Switchee device, please refer to the Switchee installation guide containing the information you need to install the device as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Wiring diagrams.

If you require a detailed wiring diagram for the safe installation of the Switchee device, refer to our Switchee installation guide.

Installer app.

In order to register the Switchee device, installers require access to the Installer web app, please refer to the installation guide for more information on registration and accessing the Installer app.

Troubleshooting guide.

If you require support in troubleshooting a heating system paired with a Switchee device, refer to our installer troubleshooting guide or contact our support team for further assistance.

Switchee Trusted Installer Network.

Switchee smart thermostat devices are currently being installed across the UK with over 100 trusted housing providers. Included in our partnership with housing providers, Switchee offers access to the Switchee Trusted Installer Network; a trained group of installation professionals covering the UK ready to support the installation needs of our customers.
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