Flagship Group reaches first milestone in housing sector’s largest rollout of smart technology

April 27, 2023

Flagship Group has now completed 2000 installations of Switchee devices into tenant’s homes, and ahead of time, as part of its rollout of smart internet connected technology to 20,000 homes.  The installation programme is the housing sector’s largest rollout of internet connected technology and part of a wider digital transformation strategy for the Group’s stock of homes across the East of England. 

Since installation of Switchee’s Smart Thermostat began in April 2021, after a successful pilot in 500 homes, Flagship has seen significant efficiency gains. By having more insight into the performance of its stock it can identify issues in real-time, fixing them before they become problems and improving further the quality of service to its tenants. Tenants too can save up to 17 percent on their energy bills.  

Charlie Conley, Head of Asset Management said: “This is a significant milestone for us and our customers. Ten percent of our target homes now have a smart thermostat.  The data that we receive from Switchee devices plays an important role in shaping and improving our services.  Data sent from the Switchee device via the mobile phone network to our Cloud solution gives us real-time information that we can act on.  The devices have helped us to identify which properties need attention, or tenants who may need support, for a range of matters including fuel unaffordability,  damp and mould and boiler failure. 

Customer feedback has been great too. Tenants find that Switchee is a simple and intuitive control for their heating systems.” 

The device has a built-in display that offers an extra communication channel between Flagship and its tenants. The company has seen a 92 percent response rate to messages within 24 hours from tenants – an uplift of 75 percent compared to email and letters.  Flagship is using the system to run surveys, book gas safety appointments and send helpful reminders. 

Flagship is also using the technology to improve service levels and help reduce emergency call-outs.  Andy Merrill, Senior Contracts Manager at Gasway (the Group’s in-house heating specialist) explains: “We’re able to use the devices to test boilers remotely, so can test pre-winter and get out and fix any problems before the winter peak and before they affect customers.” 

Flagship Group aims to have completed all 20,000 installations by 2030.  The move will help the Group achieve its strategic priorities of accelerating its digital agenda and achieving net-zero.

For further information contact:

Jess Prevost, Switchee Marketing Manager, [email protected] 

About Flagship Group

Flagship Group is the largest provider of homes for people in need across
the East of England.
Flagship Group is the largest provider of homes for people in need across the East of England.
They are the parent group to Flagship Homes, Victory Housing, Suffolk housing, RFT Services
and Gasway Services. They own and manage 31,359 homes and have over 1,000 employees
throughout the UK. Flagship is one of the most technologically forward-thinking housing
associations in the country and have trialled a range of IoT and innovative products to help
improve the lives of their residents. They are at the forefront of the development of self-learning,
self-repairing, automated, and most importantly, high-quality homes that are future-proofed.
Their ultimate aim is to solve the housing crisis in the East of England.

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