Switchee wins Product of the Year at the National Energy Efficiency Awards

May 10, 2023

Including special commendation for Data & Software Company of the Year 2022

Hugh Dennis presenting the Product of the Year award to Team Switchee

We are thrilled to announce Switchee has won the “Product of the Year” Award at the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2022. We also received a special commendation from the judges in the Data & Software Company of the Year category.

The National Energy Efficiency Awards celebrate energy efficiency schemes and encourages best practice within the energy and housing sectors.

In the last 12 months there has been innovation, collaboration and huge determination to keep improving our product and service that we offer to social landlords. Here are a few highlights which set Switchee apart from other businesses who entered the category: 

The data

  • Taking data from thousands of connected homes, the Switchee dashboard gives remote property evaluation tools such as mould risk and fuel poverty warning. Housing Providers are empowered to transform the way they look after their properties and critically provide additional support to vulnerable customers who are at risk of fuel poverty.  

The hardware

  • The Switchee Smart Thermostat does not rely WifI to transfer data; rather a GSM connection enabling all residents to benefit from the technology. 
  • An easy to use, large screen helps those with visual impairments or difficulties with small touch screens. 
  • A colour background – with shades ranging from Blue (too cold) to bright red (too hot) supports those with a wide range of disabilities and learning difficulties. 

The communications 

  • A trusted, secure communications platform. Using the Switchee Communication Hub, Housing Providers can communicate directly with the resident, allowing appointment scheduling, surveys and two messaging to happen via the device. 

Switchee Resident Support. 

  • Expert front line support is always available for all residents. Our dedicated team took in excess of 1,100 calls from vulnerable residents between Jan 2021- 2022. Calls range from troubleshooting heating issues to helping residents understand eligibility for fuel vouchers or the Warm Homes Discount. 
  • For residents who are unable to set their Switchee Smart Thermostat themselves, our team can remotely set the device to ensure the residents can benefit from a warm, affordable and energy efficient homes.  

Tom Robins, Switchee’s CEO commented how delighted he was for the business to be recognised for this award: “Congratulations Team Switchee. What a fantastic result. As the cost of living crisis coupled with the winter heating season begins to hit, I am delighted for so many Housing Providers to be utilising Switchee insights to provide support to residents. This, combined with the Switchee Smart Thermostat helping residents to optimise energy use and lower heating bills by 17%, there is no time like the present to celebrate the capabilities of the product. I’m thrilled for Switchee to be recognised as National Product of the Year and I would like to personally thank everyone in the team.” 

To learn more about how Switchee is helping housing associations and local authorities manage their properties, communicate with their residents and remotely protect their assets, contact our team.

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